What is SKIBRID ?

A real breakthrough innovation in outdoor sports. SKIBRID is much more than a handlebar, it's a mountain bike/ski/snowboard hybrid :

- which allows you to use a pair of skis or your own snowboard, without damaging it, without specific bindings or boots.

- where the handlebar effortlessly controls the twisting of the board and the edge grip by simple rotation/tilting.

No more heavy, cumbersome equipment, no more pain in the knees at the end of the day because with its patented technology SKIBRID acts like a real exoskeleton.

Do you want new sensations on snow?

SKIBRID offers you a new experience, the mountain differently, with friends or family. No matter your age or your level on the snow. Come and live a fun, sporty and friendly moment.

So what are you waiting for?

Come and try the Skibrid in one of our partner resorts!

Skibrid is also a patented technology.

4 years of intensive development with sports engineering specialists to marry the best of mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding on a new machine that retains a great apparent simplicity.

SKIBRID acts as an exoskeleton and reduces physical effort while preserving the back and joints. It offers you absolute freedom, the comfort of light shoes with free feet and fully respects the original behavior of the boards. It can be intuitively steered like a bicycle in the gliding and carving phases. The sensations are amazing!

Skibrid is certified

It offers an unique and much appreciated feature of ski lifts: its tilting handlebar allows you to reserve only one seat on the chairlift just like an ordinary skier (STRMTG AVEL845-18-B homologation / machine with handlebar less than 40 cm wide). Ask the piste service of your favorite resort to find out if SKIBRID is already accepted there.

For an utlra reduced clutter, it folds in a single operation into a normal snowboard cover and weighs only 3.5 kgs (the weight of a pair of ski boots).