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The EVO, a sensational freeride product

The twist

The EVO is particularly suitable for wide snowboards and powder snow. Its twisting amplitude is reduced to favor leaning on soft snow.


The frame has XL poles compatible with boots. Whatever the amount of snow, supports are easy to find. The 17 cm frames allow perfect control of the widest powder boards.


The rear arm of the EVO switches to the mounting of the chosen side, instantly and without tools!

Maximum foldable

Although it is a product with an imposing appearance, it has been designed to be able to fold on itself. So you can bend the handlebars and the frame

so that it takes up as much space as a snowboard or a pair of skis.



-Compatible with all snowboards with 4x4 inserts on the market

. -weight 3.6 kg, aluminum frame.

- Hanger height 87 cm,width 65cm.

-Interchangeable hanger in width/height

Single Bracket

Unlike its little brother, TEESKI, the EVO is made to be fixed on a 4 fixed snowboard.

The weight

This little gem that looks like a big machine doesn't look like that, but it weighs only 3.6 kg.

Do not panic you can do what you want once on the track.

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