SkiBrid NEO

The NEO is the first frame of the SKIBRID range.

Made of high quality aluminum, its weight is comparable to a pair of ski boots, its exceptional rigidity guarantees the best sensations on every descent.

Thanks to the Skibrid STEMFLEX technology, the stem and handlebars swivel instantly.
This is as useful for unfolding and folding the handlebars as it is for accessing the chairlifts like a skier !

The NEO has been developed to obtain a great precision in the control of the piloting and the transfer of movement, it acts like a true exoskeleton. The movements are naturally transmitted from the handlebars to the board or skis thanks to the frame, thus decreasing the efforts to appreciate differently the sensations of sliding.

Goofy or regular? No problem! The NEO can be easily adapted to everyone's preferences thanks to the reversible and removable rear arm at the plate axes.

The NEO is practical and space saving, the frame folds up and is easily stored with its board in an ordinary bag.
It takes no more space than a snowboard!

The NEO frame is delivered with instructions, a safety leash, simple mounting recommendations to make it easier to handle and screws to mount it on your favorite snowboard.
The frame is adaptable on a snowboard or adapted pair of skis, with optional fixed plates.