SkiBrid NEO

First frame of the SKIBRID range, the NEO is made out of high-end aluminum AL-6061 T6, which gives it an exceptional weight / stiffness ratio with 3.6 kgs ready to ride, screws included.

Exclusive tilting stem Skibrid STEMFLEX
allowing you to store your NEO and its board in a normal snow cover.
Hanger of 620 mm /rise 30 mm, with a stem overhang of 45 mm (be careful the length of the stem is dedicated to the geometry of the frame and must not be modified).

The push button of the STEMFLEX release an 8mm stainless steel pin from its holding pad.
-Backlash elimination by clamping lever
-Machining in AL-6061 T6 mass machining
-30° release stainless steel pellet, harder pellets at 20° are also available

Cardan shaft machined in AL-6061 T6 with instantaneous assembly of the front / rear arms by clamping lever.
Ultra-rigid braced rear arm reversible goofy/regular at the platinum axles.

Recommended stance 48 cm (initiation) to 52 cm (advanced). Mounting on the most advanced inserts for the front plate.

Anti-play inserts to be positioned in front or behind the rear plate (always check the rear plate for play and tighten if necessary).

Exclusive STEMFLEX Skibrid system allowing a complete and instantaneous folding/unfolding of the stem/guide rail assembly along the front column. The STEMFLEX is instantaneous for both folding and unfolding the handlebars and also allows access to the chairlifts like a skier (see homologation).

Ski / Snowboard decks in AL-6061 T6 (additional pair in option for ski mounting, contact us).
Delivered with standard leash.